Experience Wild Dolphins

On a Dolfun Fantasea adventure you will venture onto the deep blue sea and discover the wonder of our Dolphin friends. Dolfun Fantasea specializes in aware and mindful encounters with the Dolphins. You and your group will enjoy a trip that is fun and educational. You will learn how to consciously interact with Dolphins and appreciate their special significance. We can help you create an ideal custom adventure that is fulfilling and enriching to everyone's mind, body and spirit. We can accommodate the needs of individuals, workshops, tourist and spiritual groups by providing the refined experience they desire.
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Experience Dolphin Assisted Therapy with the wild Dolphins of Maui. Research in Dolphin Assisted Therapy is increasing throughout the world and Dolfun Light can assist you in creating your healing experience with wild or captive Dolphins. To find out more about Dolphin assisted healing click on Dolfun Light and see
"Jeremey's Incredible Dolphin Adventure".

The most common Dolphins seen in the Hawaiian waters are Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops gilli) and Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins (Stenella longirostris). We also see Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) during their yearly Hawaii visit which is from December to April.


Our complete Dolfun Fantasea package includes a Dolfun Talk and a Dolfun Crystal Bowl Sound Healing prior to the ocean experience and Dolfun Guides on the ocean. Our Dolfun guides can provide your group with an adventure that will be an educational, entertaining and healing experience to awaken your Dolfun Consciousness.

In a Dolfun Talk:

*You will be guided into various interactive techniques, activities and processes where you will learn about the magnificent energies of the Dolphins and their spiritual role on the planet.

*You will learn to establish your own contact with their loving, playful spirits, including how to enhance your ability to attract Dolphins and have them stay around longer when you encounter them in the ocean.

*You can become an educational ambassador for the Dolphins and share the Dolphin spirit with others.

There are several different types of encounters you may choose from. With our boat excursions off of Maui or to Lanai there is the highest possibility of sighting Dolphins. Private charter boats are available from 4 up to 70 passengers. Choose a half or full day trip. Multiple day trips can be arranged if your group would like to sleep on board. For the ultimate, close and personal experience, you’ll enjoy our kayak-snorkeling adventures. Also, beach snorkeling tours are available from many locations on Maui. Îf being on the water does not suit you, we offer beach-side Dolphin adventures.

We also can help educators design and lead their own custom made group adventure with our knowledge of planning trips from Maui.

There is no guarantee that you will see Dolphins on any adventure.

The adventures we participate in are in the ocean with wild Dolphins. The Dolphins that we encounter have not been trained in any way. We do not feed these Dolphins nor do we attempt to alter their behavior in any way. There are occasions when the Dolphins are doing other things. That means that we can not guarantee that we will encounter Dolphins on every adventure.

Dolphins are NOT an endangered species. Dolphins are protected by the U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act against harassment. Harassment is defined as an act of pursuit, torment or annoyance which has the potential to injure, or disturb by causing disruption of behavioral patterns including, but not limited to, migration, breathing, nursing, breeding, feeding, or sheltering.

We are NOT an operation that allows harassment of Dolphins in any way. Individuals who harass wild dolphins and disturb their behavior by chasing them or interfering with the Dolphins coming to the surface to breath are not allowed on our adventures or permitted to be in the water with the Dolphins. We have ZERO tolerance for Dolphin harassment. This is the difference between this operation and other commercial operations that allow or encourage harassment of Dolphins.

Wild also means that on those occasions when we do encounter Dolphins, we have no control over what they choose to do. With wild Dolphins we are innocent observers of their behavior.

It is reported by those who have learned these lessons on Dolphin interaction that they now attract Dolphins more often. Also they report the Dolphins spend longer times with them and come closer than ever before. They say the dolphins are more likely to initiate playful behavior interactions with them. Dolfun!!!

book prior to going on a Dolfun Fantasea
Ocean Adventure or attending a Dolfun Talk.
What Dolphins Want You to Know.
by Bobbie Sandoz-Merrill.
In May 2005 Bobbie released this new
edition of her book previously titled
These books are available from
Dolfun Gifts.

Please be sure to request a Dolfun Talk and a Dolfun Healing Crystal Bowl Session prior to going in the ocean to prepare you for the maximum possible experience

Take home an underwater video and pictures of your Dolphin Adventure provided by Dolfun Pictures and a professional live underwater audio recording of the Dolphin and Whale songs from Dolfun Songs.

Our ocean trips are for experienced ocean snorklers who are in good physical health. You may enjoy the expericence from the boat if you are a beginner snorkeler and don't feel that you are ready to go into the ocean.
If you have never snorkeled in the ocean please request a snorkeling lesson from our dive instructor prior to going on the adventure. For experienced snorkelers we offer refresher and advanced snorkeling lessons.

This is what we cover in our Snorkeling Refresher Course.

Please call us to discuss a customized Dolfun Fantasea for you and your group: 808/891-8234