Experience magical and profound healing through sound with a Dolfun Healing Session. For thousands of years the power of vibration in the form of sound has been used by cultures all over the world to promote healing, peace of mind and spiritual awareness. Now Dolfun World has come to Maui to offer you with tools and resources for healing by tapping into dolphin energy and consciousness with the help of crystal singing bowls.

Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy is the closest thing that we have found where humans can heal others with the results similar to Dolphin Assisted Therapy with real Dolphins. See "Dolfun Healing" for more about Dolphin Assisted Therapy.

Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy is the closest thing that we have found where humans can heal others with the results similiar to Dolphin Assisted Therapy with real Dolphins.

See "Dolfun Light" for more about Dolphin Assisted Therapy.

In a healing session you will experience:

  • Your physical and etheric cells vibrating in total harmony creating a sense of heightened awareness and overall well-being.
  • Chakra alignment and attunement with the use of the bowls charged with dolphin energy.
  • The opportunity to drink purified water that has been charged in a
    bowl used during your session, which serves as a conductor of the vibration and may increase the vibrational effects you experience and are specific to you and the bowls being played during your session.
  • These sessions are always customized and no two are ever alike and will unfold according to your needs, desires and intentions.


This is our personal
session healing
set up with 12 bowls,
each with a
different note,
one for each chakra.

Healing sessions may take place in a variety of settings both indoors and outdoors. At home or in the office. In the yard or garden. Perhaps in the forest or by the ocean. Sitting comfortably or lying on the sand, grass or a massage table.

During a session several single bowls may be played or combo sets of two or more bowls may played together. If there is a specific chakra or area you would like to focus on please inform your practitioner. A half hour session could focus on the four lower chakras or on the four upper chakras. An hour long session could cover an overall seven chakra balancing. To increase the healing effect two or more practitioners can play together. An ongoing series of sessions can go deeply layer by layer into clearing out and balancing your entire Being. Musical instruments and vocal toning can be a special harmonic compliment along with the crystal bowls. Background music can include Dolphin and Whale songs.

The rates for Crystal Bowl Healing Sessions are found on our Register page.


In addition to individual sessions a private group crystal bowl healing session is a beautiful and healing experience to enjoy with your friends.

The crystal bowls can be combined with a variety other musicians including flute, violin and guitar.

The rates for Crystal Bowl Healing Sessions are found on our Register page.


About Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowls and Your Chakras

Crystal Singing Bowls and Chakra Balancing



Five different sacred geometry patterns have been created for playing the crystal bowls.
When played in these special formations a sound-light-energy vortex is created with wonderful, powerful results.

These have been painted on 12 x 15 foot canvas and can be set up inside or outside. Each circle is 8 feet in diameter.


1) A Star Tetrahedron
2) Medatrons Cube
on a Fruit Of Life


3) A Tree Of Life On A Flower Of LIfe


4) A 12 Note
Chakra Circle
5) A 7 Note
Chakra Circle

Aqua healing is unique and different from air crystal bowl healing. In shallow water a few feet deep you can kneel or float on your back while the crystal bowl player stands and plays the bowl which is floating on the water surface. With the bowl touching the water the healing tones are felt vibrating throughout your body and into the deeper tissues. The water is charged with Dolphin healing energy which builds as the playing continues. You "feel" the sound resonating throughout your entire physiology and you may hear a richness and range of tones that many people don’t experience in air.

Aqua healing sessions provide a wonderful, powerful and expansive sound therapy healing much different than on land. Many feel that they are more in contact with the dolphin spirit when immersed in water. In the ocean there are numerous reports of Dolphins loving to listen to musical instruments and singing. The sounds of crystal bowls are music to everyone's ears. Dolphins reportedly will come sometimes in large pods and stay and play and jump and dance with the music for as long as it continues. Aqua healing can be done individually or in groups in the ocean, a fresh water pool, swimming pool or hot tub. Both air and aqua healing are fabulous, we suggest trying both to see the difference.

We have discovered an incredible new form of aqua healing. In the ocean on a boat or in a pool the bowls along with other instruments and vocals can be played into air microphones and broadcast into the water on an underwater speaker for aqua sound therapy for an individual or groups of any size. On land only your ears hear the sound and a little is heard through the skin of the body. When you are immersed in the water your entire body acts like an ear drum and you hear the sound through every cell of your skin and it is transmitted deep inside to all parts of the body. We are getting fabulous reviews from therapists adding this to thier healing workshops and as a fun new experience for pool parties. Also your live music or CDs can be played through our underwater speaker for your own aqua healing creation.
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If your home, land, business or event is in need of a clearing of old energy and an infusion of clear light bright energy from harmonic vibrations then play our Classic Frosted Bowls. They exude a healing matrix wherever they are sounded. Dolfun Singing Crystal Bowls can remarkably change the energy of areas and events. Popular with real estate agents when showing homes and for new home owners to clear and bless new homes and properties. Bowls played in the home, office or a large group setting can be more grounding and help promote a stable, peaceful energy. Please discuss with a Dolfun practitioner how to create the best session to enliven the energy.

Learn how to play a singing Crystal Bowl with a Private or Group Lesson.
Please call for details.

If you have special requests of any kind, please ask.
Please call to arrange a group healing, lesson or to schedule an individual session.
There are additional traveling charge depending on location if we come to you.

The rates for Crystal Bowl Healing Sessions are found on our Register page.

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