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Dolfun Light is our not-for-profit division to support researchers looking to discover the special gifts of the Dolphins showing their healing and inter species communication abilities with humans. If you are doing Dolphin research we would like to help by providing you with the necessary resources for your project. If you are looking for a project to work on you can see who may need help. If you would like to donate funding to a research group, see our resource list of available projects looking for funding.
We are also developing this list for fellow researchers to collaborate with colleagues

There are over 150 Dolphin assisted therapy researchers worldwide. Do you know of anyone?
Do you know of any captive Dolphin programs in the world that are open to the public where one can interact and swim in the water with Dolphins?
Do you know of any individual that has developed clear inter species communications with Dolphins?
If you know of any please contact us.

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Thank you for helping us expand our contact list.


Living From The Heart is the type of organization that Dolfun Light endorses and supports. Their healing work with the Dolphins is admirable. Macy Jozsef and Mary Elsea are to be commended. A 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization that is worthy of your tax deductable donations and support.

Click to see "Jeremey's Incredible Dolphin Adventure"
Article and images by Mary Elsea.

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