Professional Underwater
Videos and Images

Professional broadcast quality video and photography is available for  you of your underwater experience with the dolphins. Please let us know what your needs are from family snap shots and a home movie to a Music Video for MTV or a Discovery Channel documentary or pictures for National Geographic magazine.

Let Dolfun Pictures
and Dolfun Songs
produce your underwater
and above water music video.

Picture yourself anchored on a sail boat singing and performing with your instrument on the bow. Your music is heard underwater from the underwater speaker. An underwater microphone lets you hear only the underwater songs of the Dolphins and Whales through headphones that cover your entire ear. The Dolphins love your music and begin singing to you. You are singing to them and they are singing to you as they swim and play around the boat. Together you create a inter-species duet. Diving in from the bow you swim, play and dance with them in the water. Then you stand on the bow while the boat is under sail with the Dolphins jumping in the bow wave looking up at you with your hair blowing and ocean spray misting you as you sing to them.

Videographers are taping from multiple cameras. One underwater with scuba videoing the Dolphins swimming under the boat. One snorkeler videoing the Dolphin action below from the surface. One surface snorkeler videoing the above water action including Dolphins jumping and a Dolphin’s view of you on the bow. One on the boat getting you close up and the Dolphins jumping below. One on another boat videoing everything from a distance. Our video team includes professionals who have experience with underwater music videos.

Dolphins, Whales and both together? Yes! It is possible. During Humpback Whale season (December to April) Whale songs are usually heard in the background and will be picked up by the underwater mic. When the Whales come close you can create a Whale Duet. When live music is played on a boat Dolphins are know to stay around and enjoy being entertained. When the Dolphins come you can swim, snorkel or scuba dive with them. It is illegal to be in the water within 100 yards of the Whales as Maui waters are in a Whale sanctuary area.

Sailboats are either single hull, catamarans (double hull) or trimarans (triple hull). Trimarans or catamarans have more deck area and can accommodate the entire band. Multiple days videoing provide a greater opportunity to get the scenes needed. Remember salt water can ruin instruments and electronic gear so bring extra disposable instruments for the wet scenes both above and underwater.

We use Richard Marks as our primary underwater videographer and photographer on our private Dolfun Adventures.
Phone 808-298-4297
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