Professional Underwater
Recording Studio

Dolfun Songs is an ocean-going professional recording studio to produce clear, crisp broadcast quality audio songs from the dolphins and the whales. Musicians who would like to have broadcast quality CD recordings of their songs along with live accompanying songs of the dolphins and whales will love this adventure and have a new way to recreate their music and themselves.

Whether you are a tourist group wanting to take home a personal CD of the experience or a famous professional artist looking for a new song for your next album, Dolfun Songs can create a custom recording adventure for you. Research projects are also invited.

A high quality underwater speaker is also available to broadcast professional quality sound into the water. Perhaps a live time duet between you and the dolphins and whales. This speaker will be adjusted to a low volume and is heard only in the immediate vicinity of the boat which is drifting with motor off.

For listening to the underwater symphonic world, headsets are available that cover the entire ear so artists hear only the underwater mic on one track and/or their accompanying music on the other channel as they create their original Dolphin and Whale Songs. Professional mics and recording equipment are provided. Air speakers are available aboard the boat for the whole group to listen to the underwater sounds.

The dolphins and/or whales are recorded on one track and you and your band on the other seven separate simultaneous available "Logic" or "Pro Tools" tracks. These are recorded directly into the computer (backed up on a DAT) and can be mixed professionally later in the studio by our professionals.

Singing Crystal Bowl musicians are available to accompany you for your enjoyment, healing and recording. You have the option of snorkeling/floating in the warm Hawaiian waters and listening to the music being made on board by others also.

There is a group of people that we call Dolfun Dancers and Whale Whisperers. These are individuals that have a special connection with and have a very high percentage of attracting dolphins and whales. Dolphins and whales seem to know when these folks are coming and love to come close and dance with them on dolphin/whale watch cruises. No guarantees but we feel arranging for a Dolfun Dancer to accompany you will increase the sightings, the closer proximity and length of time spent with you.

A suitable boat will be arranged for any size group (up to 70) and their instruments and equipment.

Here is our Dofun Songs Ocean Recording Team in action setting up for a live recording.

Carl adjusts Andrea's mic.

Andrea shows off her violin and Steve plays a singing crystal bowl.

Carl is our sound and recording engineer.
Andrea is our audio technician / musician / vocalist.
Steve is our audio technician / crystal bowl musician / boat captain / master scuba instructor / photographer / videographer and creator of the Dolfun Ocean Recording Studio.

This CD is an example of the possibilities and the quality of our recording.

Recorded “Live” with the Whales of Maui

This is the music of a spontaneous interaction between the musicians and the whales. Using new technology, underwater microphones and speakers, as well as a full digital on-board recording studio, we listened and responded to the whales, and the whales listened and responded to us.

This project is dedicated to the Mother Earth, all her sentient creatures, her oceans and rivers, mountains and forests, in all their splendid beauty and diversity. It is our fervent wish that the deep harmonies found in this miraculous interspecies conversation will resonate through the World, and bring increased harmony to all who share this Blue Planet.

$22.00 includes shipping.

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