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Dolfun Talks
Learn how to enhance your ability to attract Dolphins and have them stay around longer when you encounter them in the ocean with an entertaining educational experience customized for your group. It is reported by those who have learned these lessons on Dolphin interaction that they now attract Dolphins more often. Also they report the Dolphins spend longer times with them and come closer than ever before. And they say the dolphins are more likely to initiate playful behavior interactions with them. Dolfun!!! 808-891-8234

Dolfun Talks can covering a range of topics such as:
* Swimming with Dolphins.
* How intelligent are Dolphins?
* What can we learn from the Dolphins?
* Dolphin sonar and healing.
* Dolphin assisted therapy.
* Crystal Bowl sound therapy.
* How to play Crystal Bowls.
A Dolfun Talk is strongly recommended before going out on the ocean on a Dolphin Fantasea ocean trip to maximize your experience.


A gathering for those who want to join with others of like mind and experience and to explore more in-depth ideas and concepts regarding the Dolphins.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND reading this book prior to going on a Dolfun Fantasea Ocean Adventure or attending a Dolfun Talk.

What Dolphins Want You to Know.
by Bobbie Sandoz-Merrill.
In May 2005 Bobbie released this new
edition of her book previously titled

These books are available from
Dolfun Gifts.

Please call to schedule and arrange a topic especially suited for your group.


Dolfun Journeys

About the Dolfun Journey 1

Awaken to the joy, play love, passion, compassion and healing energy of the Dolphins through stories and celestial sounds! Dolfun Journey 1 is an awakening experience of sound and energy where you will learn about thedolphins and how they can heal with their sounds and sonar. The event includes Celestial Dolfun Crystal Singing Bowls that have been chosen specifically for their vibrations and charged with dolphin energy as well as being tuned to the chakras. In addition to the energetic healing, you will experience the relaxing, revitalizing healing of sound therapy. You will leave with your body feeling fully enlivened, in tune and an increased consciousness and awareness regarding the dolphins, as well as the effects of sound and healing.

About the Dolfun Journey 2

Dolfun Journey 2 is an educational entertaining and healing experience to awaken your Dolfun Consciousness where you can become an educational ambassador for the Dolphins and share the Dolphin spirit with others.

During a journey you will:
Be guided into various interactive techniques, activities and processes where you will learn about the magnificent energies of the Dolphins and
their spiritual role on the planet.
You may be able to establish your own contact with their loving, playful spirits, including how to enhance your ability to attract Dolphins and have
them stay around longer when you encounter them in the ocean.
Learn how to play crystal bowls and experience multiple bowls being played at the same time which creates a profound healing experience through which you will experience firsthand how much we and Dolphins are alike.
Enjoy an experiential, interactive time full of activities for the mind, body and spirit.

2-14 Day Maui Dolfun Journeys

Custom made especially for your group.

Please call for more information or to schedule your private Dolfun Journey.

Please see Dolfun Fantasea for information about our ocean adventures.

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